Friday, November 11, 2011

What Is TTEthernet? How Do TTEthernet(TM) switches relate to SAE AS6802?

TTEthernet is a trademark of TTTech and represents a switch product name – large networking companies use brand names or trademarks such as HP ProCurve, Cisco Catalyst, Dell PowerConnect, Juniper EX etc.

TTEthernetTM switches and end systems offer full support for deterministic unified Ethernet networking for time-, safety-, and mission-critical applications. TTEthernet switches allow critical command and control systems, audio/video, and standard LAN applications to safely coexist in one network.

So when we talk about the TTEthernet standard we really mean only SAE AS6802 “Time-Triggered Ethernet”. TTEthernetTM describes a product line of switches and end systems that implement the SAE AS6802 standard. Depending on the product type, TTEthernetTM switches can also implement other IEEE802.1 services, or Ethernet services standardized by other standard organizations such as SAE, IEC, or ARINC.

SAE AS6802 “Time-Triggered Ethernet” service is a cornerstone of the TTEthernetTM switch and enables integration of other deterministic, low-latency or lossless communication services, such as ARINC664-P7 (today) or IEEE DCB (in the future), while protecting their key properties and traffic operation.

Networks with TTEthernetTM products are fully IEEE802.3 compliant. Network nodes and end stations can communicate using best-effort Ethernet traffic with virtual LAN (VLAN), or rely on virtual links (VLs) using rate-constrained ARINC664-P7 and synchronous SAE AS6802 communication. System architects can select a mix of traffic classes that support key system design objectives, optimize system performance and simplify system design and integration.