Friday, March 20, 2015

Deterministic Ethernet & Real-Time Design for Critical Applications/IoT

Cloud computing is a valuable approach for hosting IT applications on a set of shared and interconnected computing resources to optimize costs and utilization of IT resources. Cloud computing does not permit the integration of hard real-time and real-time functions with deterministic performance.

With Internet-of-Things (IoT) in critical and real-time applications, the embedded cloud computing capabilities shall be upgraded to support deterministic operation and robust integration of critical and real-time functions. In parallel, Integrated Modular Architectures and IMA are designed to use less hardware for hosting many integrated real-time functions, sharing common computing and networking resources. In this aspects, the objectives for critical IoT infrastructure, process automation, transportation (aerospace, automotive, railway, ...) and energy systems can converge in the longer term. 
This webinar will discuss key technologies, principles and architecture pattens which support the integration of critical functions in larger networked systems, in both closed and open systems, for mixed criticality applications with hard RT functions.

Please join our webinar on "Deterministic Ethernet & Real-Time Design for Critical Applications/IoT" to learn about a framework for design and integration of critical functions in complex integrated systems. 


  • Embedded Cloud Computing / IoT vs. Cloud Computing
  • System Architecture Patterns for Embedded Cloud Computing
    • Models of Computation/Communication (MoCC) and Design Methodology
    • Networking for Advanced Integrated Systems
    • Computing for Advanced Integrated Systems
    • Resource Sharing in Embedded Platform for Safety and Security
  • Impact on System Architecture Design and Applications
    • Examples: Integrated Modular Architectures in Transportation (Aerospace, Railway, Automotive), Energy, Industrial IoT ...
  • Summary: System Architecture Cookbook for Advanced Integrated Systems with Hard RT, Real-Time and Soft-Time Functions 
  • Q&A

  • System and Software Platform Architects
  • System Analysts
  • Embedded Software Team Leads
  • Advanced Technology Specialist
  • Advanced Technology VPs
  • Technical Management - Integrated Systems
  • Technology Strategists

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    Deterministic Ethernet & Real-Time Design for Critical Applications/IoT 
    Wednesday, April 15, 2015
    4:00 pm – 5:00 pm (Central Time (Berlin) - EUROPE)
    10:00 am – 11:00 pm (Eastern Time (New York) - USA)